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Welcome to The ARTbar Hands-on Studio!  I am Nicole Steiman, aka The Creativity Coach, and I created The ARTbar Hands-on Studio in the Santa Ana Village in 2003 to help people awaken their creative voice, especially those who think they don't have one.  

About Learning Art:
I am a self-taught artist who started out as a corporate trainer/consultant obsessed with art pens, rubber stamps, and collecting more and more art supplies.  I started art journaling, using mostly collage and stamps, believing I couldn't draw or paint.  The more art classes I took, the more art techniques I learned, and the more paint I used, (and the more creativity groups I facilitated), I have come to believe that ANYONE can create art, it all starts with a desire to express yourself!  

Even without formal training and years of practice, we can all enjoy the process of expressing ourselves through art, just as easily as singing our heart out in the car!  In fact, we learn about ourselves and life while expressing ourselves creatively.  So grab a brush and paint with me -- and we'll sing our hearts out in colors and images . . . 

This learning from, and yearning for, art is what I am MOST fascinated by.  The creative process calls to us because we were CREATED to CREATE.  We seem to possess this innate desire to create something from nothing, to turn basic supplies into something beautiful that only WE could have created, something truly UNIQUE, made by us, and made with a purpose or intention in mind.  There is no coincidence -- that's is exactly how WE were created -- to be unique masterpieces!  

My guess is that if you desire more creativity in your life, you are probably also desiring a deeper change in how you want to live your life.  This desire in your heart could be God nudging you.  Art can help you listen.

My basic beliefs about creativity:

  • Everyone’s an Artist!
  • Our creativity is a Gift from God (to us and the world we share it with). *
  • Using our creativity can be a way to grow personally and spiritually. *

* For more information on using your creativity to connect to God, see my faith-based coaching website and personal blog:  www.NicoleSteiman.com

About My Education and Studies:

I have my Bachelor degree in Psychology and my Masters in Human Resource Development from Chapman University.  In addition, I have never stopped learning, receiving numerous certifications in expressive art, creativity, and goal setting.  I am a Creatively Fit Coach, Certified Zentangle Teacher, and Artist Way facilitator based on Julia Cameron's book (for over a decade), as well as a professional corporate facilitator of value-based programs such as Franklin-Covey.

I am currently completing my Board Certification in Life Coaching, with a specialty in Spiritual Development from the Institute of Life Coach Training, which is a certified training program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

What I offer:

I offer group sessions in expressive painting and journaling, as well as individual sessions where I can encourage you in YOUR specific gifts and goals.  Painting and journaling is not the end result, but a tool that can open up much more creativity for you in many other areas of your life.  My specialty is helping people use that creativity to deepen their faith, discover why they were created, and to live out their God-given purpose.

Click here for a FREE ARTstarters Creativity Calendar to start you journaling about creativity and your life purpose.

To schedule an individual session, just click here to meet me at The ARTbar.  I'll send you a link to my calendar to set up a time that works for you.  No artistic experience is necessary.  We'll explore art processes, and while the paint dries, give you the chance to truly be listened to, asking questions that allow you to create your biggest masterpiece -- your life! 

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