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Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

01 Sep 2016 9:29 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

September will kick off another ARTstarters Creativity Circle at The ARTbar.  We only have a few spaces left (register to save your space)!  If you can't join us, why not start your own group using the ARTstarters book or follow along wth us, a chapter a month. Each month we will explore a Creative Mindset and a ritual that we can practice during the month that will help create that mindset in us.  

The 1st Creative Mindset that we will be exploring:  POSSIBILITY!

Possibility is an amazing concept when you think about it.

Possibility embraces imagination, hope, curiosity, our future and dreams all in one word.  It means we can look beyond what is there already.  We are envisioning what CAN be.

Possibility can help us move forward, cause us to change, and keep us from giving up when everything about reality wants us to stay down.

Without possibility, you would not be able to anticipate a future.

Without the possibility of this new day you are in, it would have been hard for you to wake up this morning. 

Without possibility, you may not have bought that very last “splurge” item you just purchased.

Without possibility, would you be here right now in this moment, reading these words?

People may tell us that a dream or a vision or a hope is not REAL, but it can feel so POSSIBLE that it can take you to another place, another attitude, a whole other perspective, a whole new course of action. 

When you are about to try something new that excites you, do you feel possibility bubbling up into your heart?

Holding possibility in our hearts means that deep inside us there is a wish for something.  We may not always know exactly what it is, but it is there.

On the ARTstarter journey, we use the concepts and process of art to uncover inspiration in our lives! We are going to think about our lives like Artists -- like our Creator who made us to be creative.

Can you feel the POSSIBILITY???

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