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Reaching the Lost

31 May 2015 7:48 AM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Do you remember painting when you were a child?  Most likely you picked up your brush, dipped it (totally and completely) into your favorite color and spread it nice and thick on your paper. You probably painted the most outrageous fun shape that would make you smile. And it was beautiful!

We are often asked why we don't offer classes for kids.  The simplest way to explain it is that they really don't need us.

Once we exit Elementary School, something happens to us.  Some realize they are good at art, and may even continue it for further study.  And the rest of us, resolved that we are NOT good at art and STOPPED doing it.  Maybe we were intimidated by the talent of a sibling or friend.  Or maybe we simply decided that it had nothing to do with our future field of study.  After all, why do art if you don't want to be an artist?  

But do you know what?  That pure blissful feeling of dipping that brush into our favorite color and spreading it across the paper -- it still feels good no matter what age you are . . . and what talent you have and what job you have.  Art and creativity releases something in the soul that helps us to relax, to focus and to have fun.  It helps the brain with problem solving and possibility thinking.  For some of the people I work with on a weekly basis, it is the only time they forget their chronic pain or life situation and actually smile for 2 hours straight.  And it helps us see our lives in different ways.

Are you among the casualties separated from art? Do you feel like you've lost your creativity? Maybe even your teenage son, daughter or niece? Have they lost their sense of PLAY with art - maybe turning to something with a more pre-determined outcome, such as video games or movies?  

If you or someone you know has forgotten what it's like to PLAY with PAINT, to let go of expectation and outcome, to tap into your creative instinct, then The ARTbar is looking for YOU!  We sincerely believe that ART wants you to be found, and that you were created to be CREATIVE. 

(Pictured above: Painting in Layers with Workshop UA1)

The Urban Acrylics series is meant just for that -- it's pLaY time, with easy and unique techniques woven in, that will help you be successful at finding your inner artist. No supplies required - we'll be painting with lots of unusual tools and bringing out the paint pens, ink sprays, air blowers and more.  And when you let the paint FLY, you will be amazed at the beautiful things you create!

(Pictured above: Mixed-Media Mania in workshop UA4)

This summer we have added classes during the day on Wednesdays and Fridays ESPECIALLY for those ages 12 and up, because we believe in YOU and what you can CREATE!

(Pictured above: Paint by Pouring in workshop UA5)

And somewhere in the midst of the Urban Acrylic Series, you will start to remember how you once created paintings like the one pictured way, way above . . . at the very top of this blog post :)

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