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Bling Bottles: Celebrate the "Old" Year and Toast in the "New" Year

19 Jan 2015 9:07 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

It’s hard to believe that it’s the start of another new year!  We look back and life seems to happen so fast. Yet when we’re in the moment, time can sometimes seem so slow. We can honor the time we’ve spent, by remembering and celebrating it.

One way to commemorate our special moments is to turn an ordinary sparkling beverage (or even a not-so-ordinary special beverage) into a Celebration Bling Bottle.  

(Pictured left: Bling Bottle created by Tramisha P.)

Start by journaling about the things from last year that you would like to celebrate -- accomplishments, things you've done or goals you've met.  I encourage you to go even beyond those "big moments and accomplishments" -- and think of even small special moments with special people that stand out to you . . . include memories, people and things you are grateful for. Try for at least 16 things to celebrate -- list and draw them in your journal.  (More is great!  Many gratitude experts and psychologists suggest making a list of 100!)

Note:  if things come up that disappoint you or bring up feelings of regret or loss, try to push those things aside and search for the moments that you want to keep in your memory. Don't be discouraged if you can't come up with 16, perhaps you are thinking of too broad of items.  Remember: every small moment is important.  You don't need to have a "rich" life to have a life rich with memories.

These are your "gems" from the year that you should CELEBRATE, whether or not you met those BIG GOALS from the year or not.  Choose sparkling gems to represent these "gems" from your year and add them to a sparkling beverage bottle that you can open up later for your own celebration!  Afterward it can be used as a special vase.

(Pictured above: Bling Bottle artwork created by members of Project STAY in Santa Ana and the OASIS senior center in Anaheim - 2 of the nonprofits that The ARTbar works with on a weekly basis.)


Join us this month for our "jOuRnAl pLaY: Celebration" session and we'll share with you more tips for celebrating 2014 and adding more BLING to 2015!

Our Express Members can find a step-by-step guide with tips for this project on their member page. To join, click here - it's just $5 a month!  And your money goes to support our work with nonprofits, rehab programs and mental health organizations.

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