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Celebrating Skulls, Art and Life!

31 Oct 2014 1:49 AM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

With all the ghouls and monsters running around town tonight, it's easy to get pulled into the dark and scary aspects of this weekend.  What I love most about Dia de Los Muertos is what a great CONTRAST it is to the tradition of Halloween. Rather than collecting treats, we CREATE and SHARE treats. It's a tradition of celebrating the art of LIFE! 

Don't let the skulls fool you - sugar skulls are made of sugar and decorated with frosting and foils and gems in bright colors to remind us that although death will come to us all, the living of life is sweet indeed! It truly is a gift.

It's the perfect time to honor someone you love who has passed through your life. It's also the perfect opportunity to remind YOURself to CELEBRATE LIFE and those you love NOW while we have the chance.

(pictured above: blended pastels using pieces of a skull banner as templates)

What are your favorite ways to celebrate life? This is a great question to discuss with family, friends and art groups of your own. Here are some of the answers I have collected this week: . . . dance, sing, love, share my purpose, shine my light, live my faith.

My guess is that we all love celebrating life through ART!

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