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The Daydream-a-Day Challenge starts TODAY!

30 Sep 2014 10:31 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

New Year's Day is always filled with so much promise of hope.  The new year ahead seems like a blank slate with none of the old garbage of what's behind me.  I love that fresh feeling that anything is possible!

But here we are now on October 1st.  And January 1st seems like it was so long, long ago . . . Where did my chance for a fresh start go?  What happened to all the excitement about what I wanted to create?

It's still here in me somewhere.

In reality, every day, and every moment, can be a new start . . . even October 1st can be the 1st day of a new year, a new month . . . a new moment in time. Time to take back the HOPE, THE POSSIBILITY AND THE INSPIRATION that used to belong only to New Year's Day!  It's time to DAYDREAM again . . . 

Studies show that focused daydreaming can actually lead us to INSPIRATION!  The most creative people see life as a constant opportunity to set new goals, ask questions, try new things, be curious and use imagination.

Join me in the Creative Ritual of Daydreaming. The challenge is to daydream every day about new possibilities and do as many of the journal prompts this month as you can! The prompts will give you some suggestions about what to daydream and journal about. Do them on any day that you wish and color in the squares for each one you do. (It makes it colorful and you'll visually see your journaling progress!)

Possibility Calendar.pdf

(If you don't yet have a password, simply join as a free member to access the journaling calendar above.)

Everything around us that we see as "real" started once as an idea in somebody's imagination. We can do the same in our life too . . . It's a great place to start!


  • 01 Oct 2014 12:17 PM | Donna Matoi
    I'm in, sounds like this would be very interesting...a new journey! thanks for this creative opportunity!
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