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Empty Nest Syndrome

20 Jun 2014 3:06 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

It’s been better than reality TV!  We have a hawks' nest right outside our backyard with 2 baby hawks.  My kids and I have been looking through binoculars, logging comments on bird-watching websites (who would have thought?), and sketching them in our journals. We witnessed crows dive-bombing them and trying to run them out of town – and also all sorts of interesting meals they brought to their babies (including, yes, baby crows . . . ).

But now Spring is coming to an end, and the babies are getting much bigger.  I don’t know how scary it is for a bird to learn how to soar – after all, they were created to do that.  But by the tentative hops and frantic fluttering of wings, I have to think that just like most things that we learn as humans, it is a learning process for them.

We too were made to soar.  And I am thinking that this summer may by my time to fly the coop - metaphorically speaking!  Go a little outside the boundaries of my nest -- try hopping around on a bigger branch.  This morning I shared some Art & Life Metaphors with a group of 40 counselors.  Community speaking is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my business.  As I grow, my world grows too.

Watching birds - and drawing them - can be a great way to take a deep, creative breath.  Here's a great video to remind us how simple sketching can really be when we are capturing what we see . . . 

Put some bird seed out in your yard and you'll have tons of birds to sketch!

What is your “coop”?  What boundaries have you set around yourself that stop you from where you want to be?  What “wings” do you have that need to flutter just a little bit and catch a drift of air . . .  

And once you start soaring, where do you want to go?

I believe that creativity are “wings” that we all have been given.  The ARTbar is here to remind you that you CAN soar!

  • Take a ZENTANGLE class.  Have you seen the beautiful drawings and thought “I can’t draw that!”?  Once you take a class and create your own 1st Zentangle tile, you’ll be asking yourself what else you told yourself you couldn’t do?
  • Read the book ARTstarters and think like an artist with the 5 Creative Mindsets of Possibility, Listening, Beauty, Vulnerability, and Passion.
  • Make a handmade journal with Kelly Kilmer  - and then fill it with your dreams!
  • Play during our Studio Time – no outcome or goal required.  Just see where your creativity leads you, or follow one of our journal prompts, or try a suggested sample project.
  • Gather a small group of friends to create together!  Book a private party at The ARTbar and create a time to remember .
  •  . .

The ARTbar wishes you a very creative summer!  Fly HIGH!

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