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My ARTrageous Fun Zone (aka My Overwhelming To Do List)

23 May 2014 11:47 AM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

What I love most about creativity is that it keeps life fun!  It's seems like more of our days are becoming filled with things we have to do, people we need to take care of, and pressures that can feel too great to bear.

Do you have a “To Do” list that is like a monkey on your back?  

Why not try “monkeying around” with it?  

Find the fun in it and turn a boring task into a creative one . . .  

“I need to exercise more”  can become  “I’m going to chase my kids around the park for a 5-minute sprint!  And then go buy a Hula Hoop and rollerskates too!”

“This house is a mess” can become “I’m going to put a bouquet of flowers right here in the middle of it!  And then I’m going to clean off the table so I can sit down and sketch them.”

“Ugh – the garage is out of control” can become “I’m going to make it my own private ‘Fun Zone’ and get rid of all the stuff that is bogging me down!”

“I have to start eating healthier!” can be your reason to find a fun new recipe and try it out.  Maybe even think of how you can share that recipe with someone else. 

“I really need to journal more” can make you even ask why that’s a to-do list at all.  Do it when you feel like it!  In fact, why not open up your empty journal right now and just spill out onto the pages why you even feel guilty about that at all.

Awhile back in my corporate life, I taught a seminar about bringing energy to the workplace.  When we feel exhausted, everything suffers – our productivity, our performance, our excellence, our creativity.  One way to get back our energy is to connect what we are doing to what is important to us.  And another way is to turn a dreaded task into something that is more fun!

Our inner artist already knows this:

It’s no fun to do task lists that are boring and routine.

** What is on your “To Do” life this week or this weekend?

** Why is this task meaningful to you?

** How can you make it more creative and fun?

I would love to hear your stories!

-- Creative Wishes,

Nicole, The Creativity Coach

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