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Walking in Others' Shoes

14 Oct 2013 9:10 AM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Walking in Other Shoes

They are usually found in a heap by my door, dirty, scraped up, smelly and left for me to trip over on my way into the house.  They are the shoes of the people I most love in this world.   Although I think of my family often, I rarely think of what they put on their feet, unless they complain they are starting to hurt, or one of them tries to wear something I feel is totally inappropriate.

But when you think about it, shoes are what cover our feet as we go through life.  They style us, they protect us, and they enable us to fearlessly move forward into otherwise dangerous terrain, filled with sharp stones and microscopic creatures of the dirt.

When we look at someone‚Äôs shoe, we see a glimpse of where they went and where they could possibly go --  IF we look closely enough to get another view.  In fact, when we quiet our own voices from our own perspective, we can almost start to put ourselves in their shoes.

Journal Exercise from this month's ARTstarter calendar on Perspective:  Draw a shoe that belongs to someone you care about.  

Insight: I need to remember just how much energy a 5 year old boy has and how hard it must be to contain it in this big exciting world!  I need to remember it so I can understand him -- but also so that I can tap into my own excitement, energy and curiosity about MY world.

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