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Celebrating the FREEDOM TO CREATE!

04 Jul 2013 9:23 AM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Do you give your creativity freedom to play? Or does art sometimes seem a quest of perfection, battling the critical voices in your head that tell you that you're not an artist, that your artwork doesn't look as good as others?

Creativity is a muscle that needs practice and exercise . . . just like our physical muscles, just like we take our dogs for a walk . . . and just like we practice the scales on a piano. We wouldn't expect to perform a concerto for thousands without taking time to practice each day, yet many times we put immense pressure on ourselves to artistically perform in our chosen artwork.

So what would practice look like in art? I believe it is creating for creating's sake . . . not for a finished piece or expected result. To allow yourself to play with lettering, to collage with a theme in mind and see where it leads you, to do random creative exercises without a certain design in mind, to try new art supplies and see what happens . . .

Celebrate your FREEDOM OF CREATIVITY this month of July by joining us in doing 30 quick doodles or sketches in your journal by the end of this month. That's just 1 a day -- catch up whenever you can -- even if you just take 5 minutes to draw a quick shape, nothing fancy. You might not end up with 30 amazing drawings you can frame, but you will prove to yourself that your schedule does allow for you to be creative - even if for a short amount of time each day! You are FREE TO CREATE!

To give you an added incentive, stop in before, during or after one of our August events, and let us know you completed the "Doodle-a-Day" or "Drawing-a-Day" challenge, and we'll reward you with an awesome prize! Basic members can post their doodles, drawings and insights in our gallery. It's just $5 a month and enables you to also access our monthly creativity calendars with added resources.
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