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The 1st Icarus Session organized by Seth Godin

03 Jan 2013 10:57 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Last night I was part of an Icarus Session organized by Seth Godin.  There were over 1200 sessions that met all over the world on January 2nd

The purpose of the session.  To publicly share your art with the world, and say “Here, I made this.”

Seth Godin’s new book “The Icarus Deception” defines art as the “unique work of a human being, work that touches another.” (page 6).  The moral of the story of Icarus is not to fly too close to the sun, so we purposely hold ourselves back.  But the other part of the myth that is not often shared is how dangerous it is to fly too low, to hold ourselves back, to play it safe . . .


The Rules of an Icarus Session ( I love these!):

“You can attend a session without presenting, of course.

A presentation at an Icarus Session is 140 seconds long. You can go shorter, but not a second longer. You can use slides, or handouts, or even better, just bring your enthusiasm. The assignment: Tell the group about your art. What have you created? What frightened you? What matters?

Not a pitch. An act of brave vulnerability.

I made this.

It scared me.

This might not work.

Here's how it changed me.

What do you think?”


Last night over a dozen courageous artists each took their turn, some with planned words, and others who spoke from the heart, and some who even thought there was no way they were going to speak . . . yet every single soul who attended stood up for their art, whether it was a painting, a philosophy, a business, or a seedling of an idea. 

Wow!  In just 140 seconds or less, we shared more than just an introduction of who we are, we shared our souls.

Next month we will do it again . . . but the challenge is that when we stand up to talk, we now have NEW art to share, or something NEW to say about it.  That we are always moving forward, changing our art, bringing our art deeper into the world.  Our message won’t be the same because we are committed to not remaining the same.

I hope all you ARTstarters stand courageously with us next month!  We have been doing sessions just like these for years at The ARTbar in various forms, encouraging artists to come together to share their art.   So much more than networking events, this type of sharing encourages risk-taking not perfection, vulnerability and authenticity not marketing gimmicks. 

There’s something magical that happens when you stand up and share with others!  Your ideas are suddenly transported OUT of journals, our of our heads and hearts, and into the world . . . where they might encourage or inspire others, and most of all, where they commit you to moving forward.

So when you see Icarus Session on our calendar, you now know a little more about it!  You can attend just the first part (to speak for 140 seconds or just to watch), and if you like, stay for the ARTstarter Mixer right after to deepen any connections you want to make, and do a creative journal exercise.   You can also connect with the Meetup Group online to tell others worldwide that you are attending, as well as on Facebook.  Bring along a friend and have them share the art that they are making.

Just a mere 140 seconds can be a great step to your next action . . . even if just for the simple act of saying, “Here, look what I made.”

Thanks for letting me share what I made with you . . . it's a free event.  I hope you come!

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