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31 Dec 2012 11:59 PM | Nicole The Creativity Coach (Administrator)

Happy Old Year!!!

Everyone is always in such a rush to celebrate the NEW YEAR that we often forget to celebrate the OLD YEAR!

Today I mentally made a quick list of all I did in just the last few weeks:

  • Shopped and wrapped tons of presents
  • Attended at least a dozen holiday gatherings
  • Created Christmas cards (that I didn’t have time to send - LOL)
  • Hosted a sleepover party for my daughter and her friends
  • Made an appetizer for the school holiday feast
  • Created a new business website
  • Reorganized the studio
  • Took the kids up the mountain to make their 1st snowman

With all the emotional ups and downs of the holidays, it is especially important to remember what we are celebrating.  Whether you believe in the birth of Christ or another  belief, the afterglow of the holidays often finds us reflecting on “what it’s all for” and “why we’re here.”  For some, the New Year is the time to beat ourselves up for broken resolutions and unmet goals. 

I say that it’s the perfect time to express gratitude for LAST YEAR!  To make a spiritual connection with what we have accomplished, and celebrate our successes, big and small.

God has blessed us with a gift of creativity.  Sometimes we use it to build businesses, to make profits, to create art.  And sometimes we use it to make recipes, to wrap gifts, to send letters, to share laughter  . . . but most of all to create meaning in our lives.   Even through the years that aren’t our favorites, we seem to find moments of courage and success, and to remember truly ARTful MOMENTS.

Today I am celebrating the memories and creativity of 2012! 



Here’s a fun journal exercise to wrap up the OLD YEAR:

Write a list of everything you accomplished this month!

Now expand your list to everything you accomplished this year!

Pop the cork and CELEBRATE!

Give THANKS to the Creator of Creativity! 

Shine ON!


Nicole Steiman, The Creativity Coach

Founder, The ARTbar Hands-on Studio

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