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Everyone's an ARTIST at The ARTbar - whether or not you can draw a straight line or even if you have never picked up a paintbrush.
We will awaken the creativity that is inside you ALREADY  . . . 



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We reserve most of our studio time for private parties and team buildings.

Please note:  we are only open to the public for workshops, events and during Open Studio Sessions on our Calendar.  Make sure to register so we know you are coming to come create with us!

For walk-ins - please visit us during the Santa Ana ARTwalk held on the 1st Saturday of every month, 7 - 10pm.

We look forward to creating with you!

We hope you can join us at one of upcoming events:

13 Oct 2014 • Online - learn and create at home!
25 Oct 2014 9:00 AM • 207 N. Broadway, Ste B6 Underground, Santa Ana, CA 92701
25 Oct 2014 10:00 AM • 207 N. Broadway, Ste B6 Underground, Santa Ana, CA 92701
01 Nov 2014 10:30 AM • The ARTbar Studio, 207 N. Broadway, Ste. B6, Santa Ana, CA 92701
01 Nov 2014 7:00 PM • 207 N. Broadway, Santora Arts Building, Santa Ana, CA 92701
02 Nov 2014 1:00 PM • 207 N. Broadway, Suite B6, Santa Ana, CA 92701
08 Nov 2014 10:00 AM • The ARTbar, 207 N. Broadway, Suite B6 underground, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Recent Blog Post

30 Sep 2014 10:31 PM • Anonymous

Artwork:  "Sharing Myself"
by Nicole Steiman, 
The Creativity Coach

(Pictured left is a sample from our 
Mixed-Media Graffiti workshop, 
combining acrylic, collage, stencils, 
lettering and textured gels.)

The ARTbar Hands-on Studio - open to the public for workshops, events, and private parties.  See our Calendar for more info!

207 N. Broadway, Underground B6, Santa Ana, CA  92701  ***  714-558-2445   ***

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